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Alan S

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Simply Track Competitive Software Comments
First Thing First!, Our Goal is to provide quality software for active traders under $50 dollars.

You will pay any where from $150 to $300 for unlimited numbers of trades or end up paying $150 for every 1000 buckets

You pay fixed price for unlimited number of transactions, good value for active traders who execute many hundreds or thousands of trade transactions per year.
Can import trades from file or copy and paste from Broker Website. Most products can only download a limited amount of historical trades because they access the broker's online systems via OFX technology. Brokers periodically purge the online data. Simply Track supports copy and paste of trades from your broker website or importing trades from your broker's Excel file or CSV file with out any modification.
Lightning fast Performance in importing and generating reports. Most products uses backend databases like MySQL, MS Access, Excel Spread Sheet Macros or Web. May not perform as fast as Simply Track. Simply Track uses proprietary text based database, runs all of your reports directly on your PC, No database overheads, reports usually take seconds to run and reports are generated as HTML or PDF files so that you can easily view them.
Combining Multiple Accounts or Portfolios into One report. Most products do not support combining multiple trade accounts into one place. You may have to generate One wash sale or Schedule D report for each online broker you trade with. Using Simply Track Portfolio Concept, you can setup one portfolio for each broker you trade with or you can setup one portfolio for each account you trade with. During report generation you can combine multiple portfolios into one portfolio.
Simply Track is more than Schedule D generator, Automatically update stock quotes from current holding for day to day portfolio Tracking. Most products do not support Instant Schedule D and Wash Sale report generation and Portfolio Tracking in same tool. You have to pay depending on number of trades anywhere from $150 to $300 for just Wash Sale generation and they may not have portfolio tracking with multiple portfolios Automatically updates trade data and stock quotes for watch lists at user-specified intervals almost instantly with 20 minute delayed quotes from fee Stock Quote Servers. Using Simply Track you can keep track of all your current holding up to date with Market Prices
Add, delete, Editing trades In some Products it is difficult to edit the trades With Simply Track 2.2 version you can Edit, Add, and Delete trades just like you do it in Excel.
Support short and long trades Some products can not detect Short Sales and expect you to mark Short trades in Input as Short. Simply Track Automatically Detects Short Sales based on Dates, Same day trades are matched in the order they appear in the input file.
Standalone Application, Software runs on your PC Some are web based and Some are Spread Sheets only works with Excel. No need to upload your personal trades to third party websites, With Simply Track you can do everything On your Own PC.
Reports Some products just create simple text files or Print previews which are hard to read. Simply Track Generates reports in HTML format so that you can open and view with any web browser. Schedule D report is generated as PDF file so that you send it to your Tax Accountant

Best way to learn about Simply Track is downloading Trail Copy and try it. If you dig into the details, you will find Simply Track either meets or exceeds the key functionality of the competitive products. It is by far the best value you will find!

Simply Track features

    • Simply Track (ST) comes with excellent importing feature, which saves lot of time in manually entering your trades.
    • No Limit on Number of Trades, Simply Track Professional version can handle unlimited* number of transactions.
    • During the import Simply Track automatically does FIFO trade matching for IRS Gains & Losses
    • Automatically adjust your stock Splits during import so that you don't need to keep track of stock splits manually.
    • Creates a schedule-D, Capital Gains with Wash Sale
    • Export your Schedule D Gains & Losses report in TFX format so that you can import into Tax Software.
    • Portfolio Analysis to generate Gain/loss by Stock.
    • Asset and Sector Allocation Report
    • Simply track can import trades from Various Online broker trade history
    • Many on-line brokers offer a Quicken Interface for exporting trading account data. You can use exported .QIF file to import into Simply Track.
    • Calculates Wash Sale Adjustment
    • Supports multiple portfolios and combines multiple accounts or Portfolios into one report.
    • Export your trade history into excel spread sheet, Tax Software, Text Files, CVS files.
    • Simply Track can monitor multiple portfolios and watch lists with up to thirty different parameters, including buy & sell, gains & losses, stock splits & dividends and total portfolio value for both long and short positions.
    • You can schedule frequency of portfolio Quote updates. All portfolios automatically update your investments at intervals you set using delayed quote servers on the Internet.
    • Switch between current holding and Transaction history.
    • Editing and modifying trades just like Excel spreadsheet.
    • Customize portfolio columns using portfolio preference option.
    • Links to stock news, charts and online trading broker sites directly from simply track portfolios.
    • Portfolio Analysis to quickly view your asset allocations, Sector allocation and Market Cap allocation in nice Bar, Pie, and 3D chart formats. >Click here to see screenshot

System Requirements and Recommended Configuration

  • Pentium/200 (or higher) with 32 MB RAM
  • Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • 50MB free disk space
  • MS Excel Program for importing.
  • Internet connection, DSL/Cable connection greatly improves performance of importing.


  • Options/futures are not supported for all Online Broker Imports. Will be added in next release.
  • Simply Track may not 100% wash rule complaint because of the nature of the complexity involved in wash sales. We believe Simply Track detects most of the Wash Sale scenarios
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