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I want to congratulate you on your creative Simply Track Wash Sale computer program. You have taken a very complex income tax problem and made it simple enough that the average person can finally get through the maze of the IRS. Your staff has been more than helpful in answering my email questions in a prompt and courtious manner and have bent over backwards to help in any way possible to clear up any problems. It has been a real pleasure to do business with you. Please keep up the good work and thanks again for all of your help.

Tom M

Simply Track Download

All New 2.6.1 version includes

  • Direct downloads from selected financial institutions
  • Better reporting on portfolio data
  • Import window is modified in a way that user can see his original trades and matched trades side by side
  • This Version includes Generic File import, Click here to see the demo
  • Stock Options Support
  • Spreadsheet like editor for easy editing and adding trades
  • Exporting Schedule-D report into Adobe™ PDF file format
  • More Online Broker Imports
  • Unlimited Number Of trades
  • Gains and Loss report by Individual Stocks and much more..

Click Here to Download Free Trial Copy.
Latest Release Version Date Download
Simply Track Prof

2.6.1 p13
Pro Edition

Dec 18, 2007 Download Simply track.exe(2.9 MB)
Download the .exe file into your PC, then double click on .exe file and follow the instructions to install the product. Installation should take less than a minute or so.

Trouble in downloading from above links, Click Here to download Simply Track 2.6.1 P13

Click here to View Simply Track Demonstration

Simply Track Demo

Quick Start Guide :
Simply Track a Portfolio Tracking and Schedule D software

The document describes brief over view of Simply Track. You will be up and running with Simply track by just reading this 6 page document. This Document describes importing your trades into Simply Track, common import errors, setting up portfolios, verifying transactions, exporting data to Tax Software and finally running reports.

Download Simply Track Quick Start Guide:
click here to see complete documentation and importing procedures
How to export Simply Track .TXF file to TaxCut™ 2006 Click here to download TaxCut export file
How to export Simply Track .TXF file to TurboxTax™ 2006 Click here to download TurboxTax™ export file

After you download and install Simply Track, you have 20 days to try the product with no obligation. If you want to use it beyond the 20-day trial period, you must purchase a license.

Purchasing a license permits unlimited use of the product for current tax year and unlimited upgrades for one year. All purchases made in our web are 20-day money-back guarantee. Your registration fee also supports future development of Simply Track.

Simply Track Version History

Simply Track team is committed to update software with new features and bug fixes. Here are the most recent software updates.


Version Number


12/18/07 2.6.1 p13

1.2007 taxes changes applied

05/31/07 2.6.1 p13

1. CLICK ON EDIT ->Preferences->Display modified to add “Show All Trades During Refresh”

2. Added SAVE AS to automatically update to today's date

05/18/07 2.6.1 p12

1. Added Portfolio->Sort Portfolios

2. Added Quotes Servers under Edit->Preferences

3.Trades->Edit is modifed to include NetAmount

04/18/07 2.6.1 p11

1.Fixed various issues related to broker imports

03/11/07 2.6.1 P9

1. Trades->Add Trade option is modified to get trade amounts as an input during manual trade entry. See this picture

2. Connect button in File->online Import is modified to use button instead of link

3. IB annual statement import option is modified to process stock futures and added new report to support form 6781 additional sheet

02/14/07 2.6.1 P8

1. OptionsXpress online import is enhanced to process options symbols with meaningful abbreviations (Ex: ABX JAN09 30.00 CALL)

2. IB (Interactive Brokers) new annual statement support is added , save your annual statement as .html and ST can process .html files now


2.6.1 p4

1. New menu option added under “Portfolio->Close Current Tax Year” option is added to close the current tax year portfolio and creates new portfolio for following Tax year with all base line trades.
2. File->export->export current portfolio option is enhanced to export customized grid into excel file.
3. File->export->export open trades option is added to export current portfolio into Excel file.
4. Realized gains Summary and Realized gains detailed reports are modified to include “total brokerage commision”



1. Import window is modified in a way that user can see his original trades and matched trades side by side
2. Ability to edit original trades before trade matching.
3. users will be able to run multiple passes of trade matching until he/she satisfied with end result and then save it into portfolio
4. Ability to combine trades in following user chosen options , this will help to reduce number of trades in schedule-D
a. same date, symbol, and price purchases
b. same date, symbol, and order of the trades in input file
c. Same date, symbol
5. import process modified to support scottrade new format



Securities Marked-to-Market ( MTM) reports are added under reports menu.
Added Foliofn import support.
Added Penson Financial file import support.
Added option under edit->preference to set default strategy during add->trades.
Added option under "edit->preference->start off line mode" to diable Simply Track from connecting to internet, This should make switching portfolios much faster.
Added option under edit->"auto save after edit" to improve performance of editing for large portfolios.
File->export should work with out Excel installed on PC.
1099 report is modified to include short sales.



Portfolio Totals in main window are corrected to show right values when user switches between open, close, all, Filter views
Type Mismatch error fixed when Filter button is pressed
Sort portfolio grid by Gain/loss
Added monthly realized gain as separate menu item
Stock Option Exercise/Assign added under Trades menu item
Scheduled D report is modified to show vertical line between columns
Confirm with user before auto expiring options



Following reports are combined into one item under Simply Track Reports Menu
Realized gains Summary
Realized gains detailed (wash sale adj)
Realized gains detailed (No wash)
Unrealized holdings summary
Unrealized holdings detailed
Realized gains by month
Realized gains by month detailed

All the above reports can be selected for various time periods

Four new Buttons (All, Open, Closed, Range) are added to Simply Track Main Screen , These buttons greatly help to filter trades from portfolio for easy browsing.

Fixed 2 minor bugs


2.4.2 P3

Download online trades into existing portfolio

remember last download date for each portfolio and use it in subsequent downloads

Download trades between dates selected by user

Online Stock Option downloads



Binfo.dat file not found issue is fixed

Added more broker's to OFX download option

Performance improvements for OFX downloads

Add Cash Transaction tracking under trades->Add Cash Reserve menu option

OFX downloads are not tested with All Brokers and make sure you try it before you purchase the license. Also Some institutions provide only 90 days History in their OFX Servers, If so you have to download your trades into Excel or Text file from broker website and use ST file import option to import your trades.



Direct downloads from selected financial institutions are added in ST 2.4.1.

IB Monthly statement import error is fixed. See the demo here



Portfolio Add Cash option is modified to adjust Cash Value based on Cash added date. For example if you key in Cash Added date as 01/01/2004 and amount is 10K then Simply Track automatically adjust Portfolio current Cash value based on Trades made between 01/01/2004 and Current date.

Simply Track Application Startup position is modified to start on Center of Screen.

New Report is added to report Monthly Analysis of trades for a given year.

Generic Import is modified to remember last user keyed in inputs and uses these inputs in future Generic imports.



Excel software need not be installed on PC to import .CSV file



Fixed issues related to Wash sale calculation. (Amounts are not adjusted properly from year to year for short sales)



Fixed issue related to generic import.

Fixed Scott Trade import error


Simply Track features

  • Simply Track (ST) comes with excellent importing feature which saves lot of time in manually entering your trades.
  • No Limit on Number of Trades, Simply Track Professional version can handle unlimited* number of transactions.
  • During the import Simply Track automatically does FIFO trade matching for IRS Gains & Losses
  • Automatically adjust your stock Splits during import so that you don't need to keep track of stock splits manually.
  • Creates a schedule-D, Capital Gains with Wash Sale
  • Export your Schedule D Gains & Losses report in TFX format so that you can import into Tax Software.
  • Portfolio Analysis to generate Gain/Loss by Stock.
  • Asset and Sector Allocation Report
  • Simply track can import trades from Various Online broker trade history
  • Many on-line brokers offer a Quicken Interface for exporting trading account data. You can use exported .QIF file to import into Simply Track.
  • Calculates Wash Sale Adjustment
  • Supports multiple portfolios and combines multiple accounts or portfolios into one report.
  • Export your trade history into Excel spread sheet, Tax software, Text files, .csv(comma delimeted) files.
  • Simply Track can monitor multiple portfolios and watch lists with up to thirty different parameters, including buy & sell, gains & losses, stock splits & dividends and total portfolio value for both long and short positions.
  • You can schedule frequency of portfolio quote updates. All portfolios automatically update your investments at intervals you set using delayed quote servers on the internet.
  • Switch between current holding and transaction history.
  • Editing and modifying trades just like Excel spreadsheet.
  • Customize portfolio columns using portfolio preference option.
  • Links to stock news, charts and online trading broker sites directly from simply track portfolios.
  • Portfolio Analysis to quickly view your Asset allocations, Sector allocation, Market Cap allocation in nice Bar, Pie, 3D chart formats. >Click here to see screenshot

System Requirements and Recommended Configuration

  • Pentium/200 (or higher) with 32 MB RAM
  • Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • 50MB free disk space
  • MS Excel Program for importing.
  • Internet connection, DSL/Cable connection greatly improves performance of importing.


  • Options/futures are not supported for all Online Broker Imports. Will be added in next release.
  • Simply Track may not 100% wash rule complaint because of the nature of the complexity involved in wash sales. We believe Simply Track detects most of the Wash Sale scenarios