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Simply Track a Portfolio Tracking and Schedule D software

The document describes brief over view of Simply Track. You will be up and running with Simply track by just reading this 6 page document. This Document describes importing your trades into Simply Track, common import errors, setting up portfolios, verifying transactions, exporting data to Tax Software and finally running reports.

Download Simply Track Quick Start Guide:

Simply Track Basics

Click here to read Simply Track How-to

Online broker imports Click here to read Simply Track import process
How options works Click here to read about options
Product Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Click Here for FAQ
License Key and billing questions Click Here for billing questions
Simply Track flash demos Click here for demo's
How to export Simply Track .TXF file to TaxCut™ 2006 Click here to download TaxCut™ export file
How to export Simply Track .TXF file to TurboxTax™ 2006 Click here to download TurboxTax™ export file
MTM reporting Click here to read about MTM



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