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“... I appreciate your great support. I would not expect to get this elsewhere....”
Alan Smith
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Just wanted to send a huge thank you for a great product and a great value. I've tried every other software I could find on the internet and even the $300+ ones did not work as easily and seamlessly as ST.  With over 3,500 transactions others were hard to use, didn't transfer all the data, numbers didn't reconcile to 1099 and it took time and effort to figure it how to use it


Wow thanks for the quick response. I just purchased your software this morning and I've been using it all day to finish up my 06 taxes. Your software saved me about 5 hours of work (calculating all the wash sales)....thanks so much for the tech support and the software at such a great price.

from a very satisfied customer,

"I appreciate your great support. I would not expect to get this elsewhere." Daryl

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the support I've received from Simply Track. I'm really speechless. I don't ever remember being treated so well. Reply's were lightning fast. You added Foliofn support to Simply Track that worked the very first time. It matched my 1099 to the penny. I had my Schedule D with Wash Sales done in just a few minutes. I didn't hesitate in purchasing your product. I will be telling everyone I know about Simply Track. Plus you get all the benefits of tracking your portfolio throughout the year. Hopefully you can get Foliofn support added to the main page of your website so that visitors will know that you have support for it. Also, I have the peace of mind knowing if I ever run into a problem there will be someone there to help me. Thank you very very much. Kevin B

For years I have been looking and researching for a "user friendly" software that would receive exported or manually accepted equity trades, store them, then offer the availablity to generate current portfolio reviews and year end 1040 schedule "D's". Now I can offer a important service not readily available through most broker/dealers, investment advisors, and where the individual investors had to spend hours every year producing it themselves. Simply Track...Thank you!

Erwin R

I want to congratulate you on your creative Simply Track Wash Sale computer program. You have taken a very complex income tax problem and made it simple enough that the average person can finally get through the maze of the IRS. Your staff has been more than helpful in answering my email questions in a prompt and courtious manner and have bent over backwards to help in any way possible to clear up any problems. It has been a real pleasure to do business with you. Please keep up the good work and thanks again for all of your help.

Top M

I have downloaded all my last year trades from Ameritrade and Imported into Simply track successfully. It was able to group and matched all my buy trades with Sells and saved lot of my time. I was able to generate schedule-D and print it, I should congratulate you team for creating this outstanding tool Thank you

Robert B

Guys, You are great! My 1099 matches to penny with Simply Track generated Schedule D, 3200 trades, 200 Short sales, Took 1 minute to Import and 1 minute to generate Schedule D. You did a great job. Before trying your software I tried other freely available software. They do not have any contact info at all, and the generated 1099 did not include any short sales at all. But they claim they support ameritrade (freetrade is their subsidiary). Thank you for your quick and very professional help.

P.S. When possible I use free software and rarely purchase it. But I will purchase yours with great pleasure. It saves a lot of my time.

Regards, Mike M

Great Software! Cheep and best trade matching software for active trades that I come across on the Internet. Competitors are charging anyway from $149.99 to $300.00 for same thing. I use TradeStation and not working in simply track, Contacted support, they released me the patch in 2 hours and was able to import 3000 trades and generated wash sale report with in minutes.


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